Tuesday, May 13, 2008

eMarketing Thailand

Today is a big day for me! I have recently returned to Bangkok from England where I received an honours degree in English Literature and then went on to work with a web design agency in Leeds in their eMarketing department. Over the two years I was there I think I have picked up enough skills to be able to successfully offer my services in Thailand.

I enjoyed my few years in England and the hospitality of the people in Leeds was tremendous. I will miss them. Thank you everybody.

So today is the first day in my new company, SearchSense Thailand, and have already commissioned a designer to look at building a website for me. It's going to take a long time to write the text. That will come later, but I do have quite a number of business contacts here already, mainly from networking meeting, so I will see how it goes.

I'll be writing most days, so please don't forget to visit me.


Michael said...

Hi Pun,

This is Michael. Just a quick note after you sent me your blog to wish you all the best with your new venture. Good on you!

Thaidarling said...

Hi Pun,
I'm so glad you are back. I wish you good luck in new job. I will read your blog when I can. Please tell all exciting news.